Written by: Center for Care Innovations

The Resilient Beginnings Collaborative kicked off with an in-person meeting on June 12, 2018.

Meeting Content

We covered our program and evaluation design, provided an overview of the Johns Hopkins University PICC framework, introduced teams to their coach, planned the rollout of organization-wide trainings with Trauma Transformed, and heard from teams on their organization’s strengths and their input on the program design.

Kickoff Meeting Agenda
Meeting Slides
Program Overview
PICC Framework Overview
Trauma Transformed Training Overview
Evaluation One-Page Overview
Organization Wide Training Overview & Planning Worksheet
Team brainstorm: How might we create fertile ground for training?
Bringing back an next steps to your organizations
What are strategies for resilience in your personal or professional life?

As our warm-up activity, we asked participants to brainstorm and share ways that they build resilience within their own lives. Here’s what we heard:


Welcome RBC Teams!



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