Written by: Center for Care Innovations

CCI’s New Name, Expanded Focus

CCI has changed its name and website to reflect our expanded focus. We are now the Center for Care Innovations. While we continue to serve the providers in California’s health care safety net, we are broadening our efforts beyond our own grantmaking to connect funding agencies, researchers, insurers, policymakers and providers with each other. CCI began as The Community Clinics Initiative in 1999, sponsored by Tides and The California Endowment, to provide clinics and health centers with needed technical support to prepare for Y2K. As that challenge passed, we realized enormous challenges – and opportunities – remained in bringing health care to underserved communities. For the next 12 years, our focus was squarely on getting needed funding and knowledge to make community clinics and health centers as efficient and effective as possible. Just as we expanded our scope beyond Y2K to the challenges facing community clinics and health centers, CCI is again broadening the scope of our ambitions. CCI will stand at the center of the community now coalescing to conduct a collaborative search for solutions to the challenges facing the health care safety net. We are broadening our own sources of funding. And we are shifting our strategy to focus less on making grants to individual organizations while applying more effort to bringing the right people and ideas together to uncover innovations that will accelerate the entire field.

Investing for Greater Impact

CCI has learned from its grantees that the knowledge and relationships we nurture are often the most profound and sustainable contributions to the health care safety net. While we will continue to make grants, we will invest more heavily in services the whole field can benefit from, such as: technical assistance, convening, leadership development, learning communities, and knowledge sharing. Money can be spent only once. The effects of bringing together the right people, the right ideas and the data can create ripples throughout the field that will last for generations.

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