Written by: Laura Blumenthal

Do you want to learn how to design and deliver better services, then immediately put those skills to work? Looking for how-to videos and guides from leaders in the field and your peers? Curious about turning a “best practice” into your practice?

CCI Academy is your new best friend.

For the past 20 years, CCI has helped health and community-based organizations design and deliver better experiences in underserved communities across the country. But the sad reality was that the bulk of this knowledge — access to the subject matter experts, helpful templates, and peer advice — was hidden within our closed-cohort programs that not everyone could join. We’ve heard from many organizational leaders who found our design thinking program transformational, but struggled to build that same capacity for their broader team. Sometimes organizations aren’t eligible or can’t realistically commit to our program expectations. And we didn’t have a way to help the organizations that comprise the “health care safety net” better learn from us and each other.

Until now!

We are liberating CCI’s top learning resources so that you can put them to practice any day, on your own timeline via CCI Academy — our first online learning community that already has more than 800 members from around the country.

Join CCI Academy

Our goal is that every time you visit CCI Academy, you come away with something you can apply to your own work that very same day. As members, you and your colleagues can access short courses led by experts, peer workshops, and topical discussions to help you better serve your communities.

Right now, we cover:

  • COVID-19 Response, Telehealth and Virtual Care
  • Human-Centered Design and Creativity Techniques
  • Self Care, Resilience, and Trauma-Informed Practices
  • Piloting Technology Solutions

Soon we’ll offer:

And we’re always looking to you for new ideas.

So how can you be sure to gain exclusive access to new resources as they are released?

Become a member right now. It’s free to create an account and helps us both (1) tailor new content to your needs and (2) protect the content from Internet gremlins.

Get access to our full library of content and members-only benefits.

Let’s design a better safety net together!



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