Written by: Center for Care Innovations

On this webinar, the CCI team shared a summary of early lessons learned gathered from teams through various program activities, including in-person sessions, team coaching calls and evaluation activities.

Teams were encouraged to join in the discussion and provide input on the lessons learned that CCI captured. Information about the pre-work for Convening #3 was also shared during this webinar.

Who should watch this webinar?

ROOTS team members and faculty that missed or would like to revisit the webinar. Anyone that is interested in hearing more about what learnings have been gathered from the work that these clinics have been doing in the social determinants area.

Our big takeaways:

  1. One of the biggest learnings that teams have shared over and over again is that this type of work takes a lot of time. Organizations need protected time to build leadership and staff buy-in, gather information on patients’ social needs and develop partnerships with external community organizations.
  2. Teams should expect to continue iterating ideas, workflows and processes, as they gather more and more feedback from their patients and clinic staff. It’s important to recognize that the time for meeting with your team and gathering feedback is a constant need throughout the process.

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