Virtual Visit Resources

As our health system continues to adapt to virtual care, our team has worked with members of the CCI community to compile resources to help you better engage your patients. Click along the timeline below and you will find helpful resources for each step along the patient journey. You can also filter resources by different audiences, from the patients themselves to administrators.

Remote Patient Monitoring: Clinic Workflow
1. Appointment Making
2. Appointment Confirmation
3. Pre-Coordination Visit
4. PATIENT Visit
5. Post Follow-up Visit

Initiating an RPM program requires thorough planning up front, such as assigning key roles. In addition to establishing clinical goals and focusing on a patient population, it’s important to spell out program success metrics that not only include the target clinical measures, but also key performance indicators (KPIs) unrelated to clinical outcomes. These can include patient no-show rates, hospitalizations, medication adherence, and patient satisfaction. Thinking through the workflow, data requirements, reports, goals, and care management services and processes in advance will provide a solid foundation for selecting the RPM devices, engaging staff and patients, and optimizing outcomes.

getting started with remote patient monitoring
Remote Patient Monitoring at NEVHC
northeast valley health corporation
Care Coordinators Are Key to Connecting Patients Remotely
GUIDES & toolkits
Remote Patient Monitoring Progamming Overview
Neighborhood Healthcare
7-Step Guide: Self-Measured Blood Pressure (SMBP)
American Medical Association
RPM Toolkit: Operations, Enrollment, Metrics, & Evaluation
Community Clinic Association of LA County