Measurement Strategy & Reporting

As part of the CALQIC Program, teams are required to submit the clinic capacity assessment and clinical data reporting, as well as participate in other evaluation activities. Learn more about the program measurement strategy by reviewing this overview document.

Each team will be sent an email with their customized reporting materials. Please send the completed templates to Monika Sanchez from CCHE.

All Due Dates

Due Date Report
September 4, 2020 Clinic Capacity Assessment
October 15, 2020 Quarter 3 (July- Sept) Data
January 15, 2021 Quarter 4 (Oct- Dec) Data
February & March 2021 Phone Interviews (mid-point)
April 15, 2021 Quarter 1 (Jan- Mar) Data
July 15, 2021 Quarter 2 (Apr- Jun) Data
September 2021 Final Clinic Capacity Assessment
September & October 2021 Phone Interviews (end)
October 15, 2021 Quarter 3 (July- Sept) Data

Clinic Capacity Assessment

As part of pre-work, your organization will complete a capacity assessment for each of your CALQIC clinics, collaboratively with key representatives with that clinic. The CALQIC capacity assessment aims to assess your clinic site’s capacity related to effectively integrating education, screening and response for recent and past traumatic experiences (ACEs). This ask has two components: 1) the assessment itself, and 2) a supplemental form of clinic characteristics.

Due September 4 via online submission form

Download Clinic Capacity Assessment

Clinic Characteristics

Here is a 1-page form collecting some basic information about the clinic’s patient population and quality improvement infrastructure. Please have one team member complete the form and email it back to CCHE at [email protected].

Tips for completing the assessment

Schedule time! We suggest that you set aside 75 minutes to complete it.
Work with your team! This is an opportunity for you to learn more about your colleague’s perspectives.
Rate conservatively! Select the lower of the two ratings when you’re in between.
This isn’t a test!  Be candid and use the tool to support transformation.