PHASE/TC3 – 3/31 Virtual Session: CVD Care Delivery with COVID-19

In lieu of the March in-person learning session, we are hosting a 2-hour virtual learning session for both PHASE and Southern California TC3 colleagues on Tuesday, March 31st, 11am – 1pm.

In an effort to support you in protecting and caring for your patients, we will dedicate the session to addressing your biggest challenges right now, particularly in relation to chronic disease management in the time of COVID-19. This will be your time to learn from and share with your peers about your successes and challenges as you strive to operationalize necessary changes and lead your teams effectively – all while continuing to provide excellent care and health management for patients with hypertension and diabetes. This will also be an opportunity for our CCI team to learn how we can best support you in the months ahead. We are excited to be joined by Dr. Eric Henley from LifeLong Medical Care and Dr. Michael Mulligan from Chapa-De Indian Health, who will be co-facilitating the session and sharing their expertise in leading change successfully.

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1. Agenda
2. Slide Deck
3. Breakout Notes Synthesis
4. Video Recordings: Opening Remarks | Breakout #1 Operations Debrief | Breakout #2 Leadership Debrief, Leadership Elements, Closing


Video: Opening Remarks


Video: Breakout #1 Debrief – Peer Learning for Operations

Video: Breakout #2 Debrief – Peer Learning for Leadership + Six Essential Influencing Elements for Leadership + Closing



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Date and Time

March 31, 2020, 11 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

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  • Visual: you will need to be online at a computer and go to the Zoom URL to view the visual portion. This will allow you to join the virtual breakout rooms, as well as view notes, slides and see participant videos. If you have a camera, we’d love to see your face!
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  1. Review the Six Essential Elements of Influence
    • Drs. Henley and Mulligan will speak to these elements when discussing the role of leadership and change management during challenging times.
  2. Consider the following questions as a team, and designate one team member to be ready to speak to them during the breakouts:
    • Recognizing the challenges you are facing in meeting the needs of all your patients, how are you now managing your patients with diabetes or chronic hypertension?
    • In your efforts to continue caring for your patients with diabetes or chronic hypertension:
      • What have you or your leadership done really well in response to COVID-19? What did that look like?
      • What have you or your leadership done that has not gone well in response to COVID-19? What did that look like?