The Resilient Beginnings Network (RBN) program hosted the eighth virtual learning session on Thursday, May 19, 2022. During this session, RBN teams had the opportunity to learn with other program participants who have similar RBN goals in Communities of Practices.

Participants also heard more about the Capacity Assessment and had a chance to debrief their learnings with their teams.

The agenda for this session can be found here.


Team members from organizations in the Resilient Beginnings Network.

Slides, Recordings, and Resources

Main Session

Download the Main Slides (PDF).


Trauma and Resilience Informed Systems Training Implementation Community of Practice

Faculty: Jen Leland & Brianna Young from Trauma Transformed

This breakout session was interactive and was not recorded.

Trauma and Resilience Informed Systems (TRIS) 101 Training Information


A TRIADIC Approach to ACEs Screening & Response Community of Practice

Faculty: Dr. Dayna Long and Dr. Leena Singh

Download the Slides (PDF)


Many families experience stressful events in their lives. Over time these experiences may affect your child’s health and wellbeing. There are many things you can do and may already be doing to help. Because these events are so common, we are offering resources to all caregivers in our clinic on how to support your child and yourself.  

We are asking everyone these questions. Some people find that answering the questions gives you time to think about how certain experiences may be impacting your child’s health and what you can do to help. Your answers help us to support you and your child to be as healthy as possible. The survey is confidential and optional.  

Your experiences are your own and no matter what you choose to share, we are here to help.

Building Reflective Space in Reactive Places Community of Practice

Faculty: Dr. Ken Epstein and Dr. Irene Sung

This breakout session was interactive and was not recorded.

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