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During this webinar, the CCI team introduces the pre-work elements to prepare ATSH:PC teams for the first in-person learning session in April 2019. Our partners at Institute for High Quality Care (IHQC) review the quality improvement support available as part of this program.

The four elements of pre-work are: 1) capability assessment; 2) storyboards; 3) refining your core team; and 4) learning from your team and patients. See below for the recording of the webinar, as well as key dates and associated action items.


All members of the ATSH:PC core team at each participating clinic. It is important to review this webinar prior to the April in-person learning session to understand the pre-work that is due prior to the learning session.


pre-work: Key dates – action items – Links & resources

ASAP! Finalize team composition and send contact list to Meaghan Contact list template
March 8 Schedule first coaching call for March See email from CCI
March 8, 12-1pm

March 11, 12-1pm

March 15, 12-1pm

Measurement Strategy Office hours webinar (optional!) Log-in info for webinars
March 15 Registration for April learning session (LS1) Registration link
March 15 Registration for QI bootcamp (optional) Register as part of main learning session registration
March 18 Data portal webinar (program measure set) Registration link
April 1 Complete baseline capability assessment More info and template
April 1 Prepare storyboard for LS1 Template slides
April 1 Clinic team + patient feedback Ideas and methods


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