Understand Constraints and Explore Approaches


  1. Outline constraints and final problem statement for the solution in a project charter.
  2. Collaborate with stakeholders (executives, patients, relevant staff, etc.) to generate ideas for approaches to the problem given constraints.
  3. Look to external inspiration to develop ideas: learn how other similar or analogous organizations dealt with similar challenges.
  4. Prioritize 2-3 solution options to flesh out further, using prototypes, storyboards, and user feedback. To gain visibility and buy-in from leadership, consider creating and presenting a 7-part narrative pitch at a leadership meeting.
  5. After exploring and discussing with leadership, decide:
    • To pursue a digital solution — continue on to the next step.
    • If desired solution does not have a technology or digital component, continue designing the solution using the Catalyst method. This will not require a tech pilot.