The Resilient Beginnings Network (RBN) program hosted the final virtual learning session for 2022 on Thursday, November 17, 2022.

During this session, Community of Practice (CoP) faculty shared highlights and practical resources from their CoPs. Participants also had the opportunity to share their learnings from the CoPs. To acknowledge all the work that has been done, CCHE presented inspiring data from the last six months and RBN teams had an opportunity to celebrate their successes.  Lastly, the CCI program team shared important updates regarding what to expect for Year 3 of the program. 


Team members from organizations in the Resilient Beginnings Network.


Slides, Recordings, and Resources

The agenda for this session can be found here.

Main Session

  Download the Main Slides (PDF).

Communities of Practice: Wrap Up

RBN faculty shared artifacts and tools that recap the last year of work in their Communities of Practice. Please find these resources for each Community of Practice below. 

Trauma and Resilience Informed Systems Training Implementation Community of Practice

Jen Leland, LMFT & Brianna Young, M.Ed. from Trauma Transformed

The TRIS CoP explored effective methodologies and considerations for implementing the TRIS training within clinic teams, as well as taking a closer look at elements of the principles – from trauma-informed communication strategies to the LET UP methodology with Dr. Dana Crawford. 


A TRIADIC Approach to ACEs Screening & Response Community of Practice

Dayna Long, M.D.  ♦  Leena Singh, DrPH, MPH


Building Reflective Space in Reactive Places Community of Practice

Ken Epstein, Ph.D., LCSW  ♦  Irene Sung, M.D.  ♦  Ronda Alexander, M.A.  ♦  Renée Boynton-Jarrett, M.D., Sc.D.


Year 2 Celebration and Data Gallery

RBN participants were given an opportunity to self-select into a breakout room based on a focus area that interested them. Within each room, someone from CCHE or CCI presented cohort data before RBN team representatives shared their own personal highlights within the assigned focus area. You can find the posters and breakout room recordings below.  The RBN Team Focus Areas were:

  • Taking a Strengths-Based Approach
  • Building Community Relationship
  • Screening and Responding to ACEs
  • Supporting Staff

Taking a Strengths-Based Approach

Featuring highlights from: San Mateo County Health and Santa Rosa Community Health

Recording coming soon!

Download the Poster


Building Community Relationships 

Featuring highlights from: Petaluma Health Center and Bay Area Community Health

Download the Poster


Screening and Responding to ACEs 

Featuring highlights from: Community Medical Centers and School Health Clinics

Download the Poster


Supporting Staff

Featuring highlights from: LifeLong Medical Care and CHC Zuckerberg

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