Jessica (she/her) leads CCI’s innovation communities in California and Colorado with a focus on strengthening innovation capabilities in the healthcare safety.

She supports and grows a network of organizations that are trained in design thinking approaches, leverage tech-enabled solutions, and engage in peer learning to accelerate change.

With over ten years in direct patient service and hospital quality improvement, Jessica has a keen understanding of the unique challenges confronting the healthcare workforce. She deeply respects those striving to innovate in healthcare, working to address both community needs and the needs of those serving the community.

Jessica holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences Administration and Management from Cal State University – East Bay, coupled with a Master of Public Health from University of California – Berkeley. When not collaborating with our incredible partners, she enjoys photography, nerds out about the latest developments in AI (artificial intelligence) technology and discussions on AI ethics, and cherishes play time with her beloved Heeler-mix, River.