Select Pilot Solution and Develop Contract Terms

In this step, you’ll compare the vendors on your shortlist, decide on one to move forward with, and begin the contracting process for the pilot period (not a long-term contract.) We recommend limiting the pilot duration to less than 6 months if possible—remember, the idea is to learn fast!


  1. Based on scoring of vendors, alignment with vendor team, and long-term feasibility of company, select single vendor for a pilot. Communicate decision to leadership and key stakeholders.
  2. With your internal team, define non-negotiable contract deal terms. Reach out to CCI for additional insights on reasonable deal terms.
  3. Define and finalize success metrics for your pilot evaluation. Success metrics and benchmarks will help your team decide whether to scale the product or cease use after the pilot concludes.
  4. Reach out to vendor to discuss a pilot. If there is mutual interest, work with vendor account manager to structure deal, contract, and pilot terms.
  5. Inform legal, purchasing, and compliance teams of desire to work with vendor and prepare necessary documents (agreements, consent, etc.)
  6. Finalize contract or memo of understanding (MOU) with vendor.