Peer Sharing: Demonstrating a Video Visit Workflow

Neighborhood Healthcare of Southern California is working on an ambitious goal of converting 90 percent of this organization’s virtual visits to video by the end of March 2021. Among other things, that meant cutting holes in a front office wall and installing sliding glass windows between the rooms housing the physician and the office telehealth coordinator. That way, the two could work closely together all day: Opening the window to let the doctor to know a patient was ready, closing it for the consult, reopening it to talk about the best pharmacy to call in meds to, and so on. Watch Neighborhood walk you through its entire video visit process and scripts, from when a patient calls for an appointment to the visit to the provider to the follow-up with the medical assistant.

Neighborhood was one of 14 organizations in the United States to score a FCC grant for telehealth, which provides $129,000 in funds for the health center to offer broadband and WiFi services to its patients. “We’re pretty excited that we were selected and can extend this to our patients,” says COO Jeffrey Glenn.


  • Jeffrey Glenn, COO of Neighborhood Healthcare