Written by: Center for Care Innovations

We’re coming to the close of our webinar series — Telehealth Technology 101 with Dan Kurywchak — aimed at answering your urgent implementation questions.

Dan has been helping organizations around the world start-up telehealth programs for 20+ years at UC Davis Medical Center, Intel, California Telehealth Network, and Telemedicine.com.

Who should watch this webinar?

In this fourth installment of our webinar series, Dan reviewed the technical preparation for video consults with patients and techniques for achieving the best outcomes. This is for anyone interested in:

  • How to properly present a patient in the clinic and the home for the best possible outcome?
  • How does the patient know that you are a physician when you are working from your home?
  • The right questions to ask prior to beginning the consultation.
  • What not to do over video.
  • Patient presentation techniques over video.

Our top Takeaways:

  1. Clinicians are responsible for optimizing their environment for a successful telemedicine consultation outcome. Having the basic telemedicine equipment tools and set up (ex., wired over wireless internet, optimal lighting, tidy workspace, wear ID badge and physician coat) is foundational for a successful patient consultation.
  2. Don’t forget to check the credentials of your patient. Integrate a workflow process when rooming your patients that allow you to verify the identity of your patient. Check ID and obtaining signed consent forms are just a few examples of verifying identity.
  3. How does a patient know you’re a doctor? An office space is an ideal setting to host video consults. Wear your lab coat or scrubs and badge, close doors to office to minimize distractions, and never eat or drink while hosting a video consultation. Follow the same practices as if you were in the actual exam room.


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