Written by: Center for Care Innovations

The COVID-19 pandemic upended the way California delivers health care, as many providers rapidly pivoted from in-person visits to telehealth. This shift has been transformational in ensuring access to care for all patients. Our webinar takes you inside the Connected Care Accelerator, a program that helped safety-net organizations build their telehealth capabilities to ensure access to care. 

We share data on trends and variations in telehealth use and provider and care team perceptions of telehealth. We also share success stories about changing workflows and adopting new technologies. 

Watch for an opportunity to discover useful tools and emerging promising practices, such as patient education tools to encourage video visits. 


All are welcome — especially individuals who work in health centers who are interested in learning more about how telehealth has been used to improve access to health care. 


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  • 00:00  |  Welcome (Center for Care Innovations)
  • 01:51  |  Background and Context (California Health Care Foundation)
  • 07:36  |  Lessons from the Connected Care Accelerator (Center for Community Health and Evaluation)
  • 25:12  |  Practical Tools to Improve TelehealthA “Fireside” ​Chat (Center for Care Innovations)
  • 43:35  |  Connected Care Accelerator 2022-2023 Announcement (Center for Care Innovations)

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Links to the telehealth tools shared in the webinar can be found in the Virtual Care Learning Hub. Additional resources from the Connected Care Accelerator program are linked below.