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From Set Your Strategy, Chapter 2 of the 5 part Building a Data-Driven Culture: A Video Learning Series.

Chapter 2: Set Your Strategy

Lasting change in organizational culture has to start at the top. This section offers insights from thought leaders on how senior executives can tackle the big questions of making data use a central part of their organization’s strategy and goals. These videos provide thought-provoking ideas – addressing both the current state and future directions, frameworks for making decisions, ideas for how senior leaders can mobilize and incentivize all staff to treat data as the new organizational currency, and ways leaders can turn data into action.

Thought Leadership: Dale Sanders

Dale Sanders is executive vice president of product development at Health Catalyst.

  1. A Framework For Analytic Decision Making
  2. A Public Health Approach for Population Health Management
  3. The Future of Healthcare Analytics: Return on Engagement (currently viewing)
  4. 3 Fundamental Elements of a Data-Driven Culture
  5. Data Governance for High Functioning Health Centers
  6. How To Get Started With Data Governance
  7. Right-Sizing Data Governance
  8. Barriers to Effective Data Governance
  9. Balancing Data Access with Privacy and Security
Thought Leadership: Scott Barlow

Scott Barlow is the chief executive officer of Revere Health.

  1. Six Tips for Building a Data Driven Culture
  2. Leveraging Data for Value Based Care
  3. Leveraging Data for Care Management
  4. Analytics Tools and Staffing to Build Capacity
Thought Leadership: John Weir

John Weir is a consultant for Intrepid Ascent.

  1. Landscape and Business Case for Analytics



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