Written by: Center for Care Innovations

We’re in this together. With your help, we’ve been crowdsourcing the best resources — toolkits, webinars, case studies, playbooks, and more — to support you and your organizations during this pandemic. Then we built a “bot” to help us collect more COVID-19 assets for safety net providers from around the web.

The result? We’ve created a COVID-19 Resource Wiki. Check out our soft launch, set up your own account, and add some new resources. Our hope is that this clearinghouse will help frontline workers sort through the avalanche of COVID-19 information and share best practices in real time.

The wiki is still a work in progress. But we aim to practice what we teach — share your work early and often! We value the input of this community a lot, so we’re thrilled to give you all an early peek at our wiki project.

COVID-19 Resource Wiki



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