Kevin Shoop had never had health problems until he had a heart attack on the day of his second son passed away. After his heart surgery, he was unable to pay rent after he left the hospital and found himself without a place to live. Now he is transitioning out of homelessness and relies on telephone visits with his primary care doctor to manage his heart condition, hypertension and COPD. He says it’s an easier way to get the care he needs. Now he doesn’t have to travel to his health center or wait for an in-person appointment to open up to see his doctor.

In this powerful new video from CCI and the California Health Care Foundation, learn how phone visits helped Shoop maintain his health care while his providers at the Northeast Valley Health Corporation helped arrange transitional housing for him. It’s a reminder that not everyone has the technology for video visits — and that in the meantime, phone visits are crucial to maintain health equity in telehealth.

Northeast Valley Health Corporate is a participant in our Connected Care Accelerator.

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