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From Tools & Terms, Chapter 1 of the 5 part Building a Data-Driven Culture: A Video Learning Series.

We created the data strategy worksheet out of a template from Point B Consulting because while many health centers have a strategic plan with goals and objectives, they very rarely had a data strategy documented to accompany those plans.

The data strategy worksheet can be used by your data services department or anyone in your organization who is going to be a data steward.  You can use it for your key performance indicators. You can use it for a family of measures that accompany a QI project, or you can do it for just one very important data element or metric in your organization.

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Chapter 1: Terms & Tools

In many ways, culture is really about language. Working in a data-driven culture means understanding and using terminology that helps us break down and talk about complex concepts and then put those concepts into action. This section aims to simplify and demystify these terms and provide a reference as we delve into more complicated issues in further sections. Here you will also find tools that will help you plan and navigate your data capacity-building journey and align your data strategy with your organizational strategy.


These “explainers” aim to define and contextualize some of the many concepts in managing data and making the most of it as the healthcare landscape changes.

  1. What is Data Governance?
  2. What is Data Stewardship?
  3. What is Data Literacy?
  4. What is a Data Model?
  5. What is Data Density and Data Liquidity?
  6. What is Controlled (or Structured) Clinical Vocabulary?
  7. What is Risk Stratification?
  8. What is Capitation?
  9. What is Cost Benefit Analysis?
  10. What is Value Based Payment?
Tools: Assessments & Worksheets

Assessments and worksheets to help find your starting point and map out needs and goals.

  1. Introduction to the Analytics Capability Assessment
  2. Analytics Capability Assessment
  3. Introduction to Data Strategy Worksheet
  4. Data Strategy Worksheet (currently viewing)
  5. Data Governance Handbook: Implementing Data Management Practices in Health Centers