Written by: Center for Care Innovations

We’ve created a customizable set of materials to help your clinic promote video visits. Written at a 5th grade reading level and full of colorful illustration, these patient education materials come in three formats designed for different uses and work as a cohesive set.



This poster is designed be seen from further away—placed at the entrance of the clinic, in busy corridors, waiting rooms and cafeterias. It features a representative illustration and very few words in order to reach diverse audiences of all reading levels.


This handout is designed to share more information about the benefits 
 of video visits. It will be most effective if a care team member hands it directly to their patients. Some other ways to distribute the handout: keep a stack at the front desk, post it on the wall of exam rooms, distribute copies to providers and medical assistants to hand to patients, or place 
 it alongside your other patient education materials

Digital Graphics

Each digital graphic features one benefit of video visits. We suggest you choose the most relevant messages for your patients and post them to your clinic’s website, share them on social media, print and post them up as a cluster of smaller posters, or display them in smaller spaces like exam rooms, restrooms, tables, and counter tops.


A big thank you to our Connected Care Accelerator co-designers for their support and expertise: Brian Banez, Alameda Health System; Keeley Albright, Communicare Health Centers; Jasmin Santos, Communicare Health Centers; Adriana Velez, Monterey County; Jenelle Zambrano, Los Angeles County Department of Health Services; Katie Landis, NEMS; Jessica King, Northeast Valley Health Center; Belen Arangure, Northeast Valley Health Center; Amanda Aguilar, San Francisco Health Network; Amy Ross, Salud Para La Gente; Nicole Walker, Roots Community Health Center; Dana Valley, West County Health Center; Frances Chen, White Memorial Community Health Center; Jennifer Garcia, Umma Clinic; and William Baird, Shasta Health Center.




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