CCI Tech Solutions Showcase: Analytics

Friday, September 24, 2021
12:00 – 12:45 PM PT

Want to use real-time data to solve real-world problems? Curious about what data sources will help you understand health equity issues in your community? CCI is hosting a special Tech Solutions Showcase on data analytics, where you’ll hear stories from frontline health workers and see demos from promising digital health vendors. Register below to join us on Sept. 24 at 12pm PT.

Who should ATTEND this EVENT:

All are welcome – especially folks who work in clinics or health centers and are interested in learning more about leveraging analytics on a health tech platform.

Tech Solutions – SPEAKERS:

What you will learn:

  • How do I take advantage of near real-time data in order to manage real-world problems in my organization?
    • Learn how to use near real time data to inform:
      – clinical management decisions for my patient population.
      – operational decisions in my practice.
      – how I allocate my organization’s time, talent, and treasure.
  • How do I look at the data for my community with a focus on health equity, to decide how best to use resources? 
    • Learn what data sources will help me understand health disparities and health equity issues in my community.
    • Learn how to use these data to help me better deploy my time, talent, and treasure to address these health disparities and inequities.
    • Learn how to measure the impact of my interventions to track progress.

…Questions? Reach out to Weslei Gabrillo.