For as long as she has known, Nickita (she/her) always knew she wanted to work in the healthcare space in some capacity. Her passion for human-centered design is what brought her to CCI where she now is a program coordinator.

Prior to CCI, Nickita worked as an outreach coordinator and later health education associate for the Santa Barbara County Department of Public Health’s tobacco prevention program. During her time at the county, Nickita worked closely with stakeholders and community leaders to strategize and implement local tobacco control and prevention policies. She led the effort of collecting local tobacco retail compliance data throughout the county and also had the opportunity to speak at a tobacco prevention summit on the local tobacco control policy landscape. 

Nickita earned her bachelor’s degree in biopsychology at University of California, Santa Barbara. In her spare time, you can find Nickita at dance studios learning hip hop choreography, spending afternoons at local coffee shops, trying out new recipes at home, and spending time with friends and family.