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Our Values

​The work we do is informed first by the needs of vulnerable patients and second by our values as an organization. Though there is a lot we could say about what we care about, at the top of that list are these five: pioneering, collaboration, understanding, nimbleness, and optimism. Our values drive how we design programs, how we operate as a team, and how we see the future of the safety net.

At CCI we strive to be pioneers. Every day we seek to push out a little further, discovering new ways of delivering care and finding paths that others can follow. Pioneers are not just explorers. They take risks, but realistic ones, seeking a better, more sustainable life at the end of their journey.

On the frontier, it’s tough to go it alone. We believe collaboration is vital if health reform is going to succeed. So we connect clinics, funders, entrepreneurs and experts to share best practices, spark new ideas and launch innovative projects. And we believe in partnering closely with our grantees to help them achieve more than either of us could on our own.

That partnership starts with understanding, and an open door. We listen, ear to the ground, to the needs and changes in the safety net. That way we can focus on the most critical problems—and tackle them with programs that make a real difference. We aim to learn constantly, so we can improve what we do and how we do it.

Because we are nimble, we are continually adapting. In a sector like healthcare, it’s a great privilege to be flexible and responsive. We can apply new knowledge and move to the next challenge.

Even though we know there will be more big challenges, we are optimistic. We believe optimism is necessary to see possibilities for a better way of delivering care. We foster that outlook in others, and in doing so build a creative space where innovators can think and do things differently.