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Spreading Solutions

The shift towards value-based payments in California will fundamentally change how care is delivered, creating opportunities to implement innovative new models. Health care organizations are grappling with many questions as they prepare for these changes. How can we reduce costs, improve quality and make sure our services are valuable to our patients? How will we manage these organizational changes? How will we ensure we have the workforce needed to operate differently? How do we recruit and retain the right people to delivery high quality care?

Spreading Solutions that Work

Our Spreading Innovations program, which began in 2014, presented proven practices that had not yet been widely adopted in the safety net and helped new organizations successfully adapt and implement those practices. This year, CCI will launch a new round of this program, now called Spreading Solutions That Work. Our goals remain the same: to support the dissemination of solutions that prepare health care organizations to succeed under a value-based payment system and to improve timely access to low-cost, high-quality care that is responsive to the needs of patients.

CCI, in partnership with Blue Shield of California Foundation, is launching the Spreading Solutions That Work Program, which will focus on leveraging technology and care teams more effectively. The grant and technical assistance program will support organizations to implement one of the following solutions:
These are solutions that have been used effectively in the safety net, and that clinic leaders have expressed interest in implementing. This program will focus on building upon the successes of early innovators to support the spread of these solutions more broadly to new organizations.

  • Group Visits – Host: Clinica Family Health Services (Colorado)
  • Medical Scribes – Host: Shasta Community Health Center (Redding, CA)
  • Pharmacist Integration – Host: AltaMed (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Patient Portal Optimization – Host: Petaluma Health Center (Petaluma, CA)
  • Telephone visits – Host: Riverside University Health System (Riverside, CA)
  • Texting Solutions – Host: Northeast Valley Health Corporation (Los Angeles area, CA)

Through this grant program, selected organizations will have access to a variety of tools, including technical assistance, peer support and coaching to help them implement their chosen solution. Grantees will work with host organizations that have already successfully implemented the solution in order to gain a clear understanding of how to operationalize their project, gain buy-in from key stakeholders, train staff, redesign workflows and build a business case to sustain the solution over time. Each grantee will build upon the experience of the host organization and adapt the solution to meet the needs of their own patients, staff and organizational structure constraints.

In addition to the site visits, coaching and peer support, CCI will be offering webinars around topics such as spread and sustainability, change management and quality improvement. CCI will work with selected organizations to identify additional needs for technical assistance and will provide the support needed to successfully implement a solution.

Participant Organization Solution
Alliance Medical Center Group Visits
East Valley Community Health Center Group Visits
Olive View-UCLA Group Visits
CommuniCare Health Centers Medical Scribes
Hill Country Community Clinic Medical Scribes
La Clinica de la Raza Medical Scribes
Northeast Valley Health Corporation Patient Portal Optimization
Planned Parenthood California Central Coast Patient Portal Optimization
San Mateo Medical Center Patient Portal Optimization
UMMA Community Clinic Patient Portal Optimization
Venice Family Clinic Patient Portal Optimization
LifeLong Medical Care Telephone Visits
Monterey County Health Department Telephone Visits
Serve the People Telephone Visits
Gardner Family Health Network Texting Solutions

Review the RFA

Download the Request for Applications here

View the Informational Webinar

Interested organizations are encouraged to listen to/view the informational webinar that was presented on November 21, 2016. To download the webinar slides, click here.

Past Spreading Innovations Programs:

Spreading Innovations 2015

Access the program resource website. Resources from site visits can be found on the program resource website.

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View the Outcomes Celebration webinar for Video Collaboration, Texting Solutions, Co-Visits and Telephone Visits here.

View the Outcomes Celebration webinar for Patient Portal here.

Spreading Innovations 2014

Participants in the 2014 Spreading Innovations program can follow updates and join in on peer learning with these four sites:

Video Collaboration Site
Patient Portal Site
Telephone Visits Site
Digital Retinopathy Site