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West County Health Centers - Petaluma Health Center

Location: Sonoma County

Grant Period: August 2013 - July 2015

Amount: $100,000

Innovation Center for the Safety Net grantees will collectively develop systems and approaches to identify, test, implement and evaluate innovations to help transform their organizations. Their experience will offer other safety net organizations an understanding of how best to support the implementation of successful innovations in their organizations.

West County Health Centers and Petaluma Health Center will practice and fully develop a model of joint collaboration that will serve as a model for collaboration across the safety-net. Their hub will focus on:

  • Training to develop skills for a designated innovation management team and dissemination of the skills and approach.
  • Connection to leaders in the field as mentors.
  • Participation in an organized process for development: accountability in deadlines, participation in formal project timelines, organized learning opportunities, facilitated planning.
  • Partnering with companies who have a desire to work within the safety-net environment to spur on new thinking within their hub and the broader safety-net
  • Understanding and implementing a robust evaluation system to understand the value and cost of new innovations
  • Developing and adapting a project management system to assess the capacity for new projects within their organizations.

Together these grantees will test, implement, and evaluate similar innovation projects within dissimilar organizational structures and demographics in order to define a culture of partnership in innovation.

​Priority Areas: Patient Experience, Patient Engagement, Seniors, Alternatives to face-to-face visits, Care Coordination