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San Mateo Medical Center

Location: San Mateo

Grant Period: August 2013 - July 2015

Amount: $100,000

‚ÄčInnovation Center for the Safety Net grantees will collectively develop systems and approaches to identify, test, implement and evaluate innovations to help transform their organizations. Their experience will offer other safety net organizations an understanding of how best to support the implementation of successful innovations in their organizations.

San Mateo Medical Center (SMMC) acts as a testbed and Subject Matter Expert for early stage companies who are focused on creating and supporting technology and need real world feedback.

They work on developing relationships with local and nation health technology incubators and with local venture capital organizations that deal with health technology, to make the case for the economic potential of developing for the safety net as experts in the future of medicine. They will focus on technical resources to help bridge the gap between the safety net and the startup: interface and database experts to help unlock data, marketing experts to promote patient applications to multiple socioeconomic groups, translators to allow multilingual access of applications, and systems experts to advise safety net IT departments on how to integrate and support compatibility of innovations with existing hospital applications.

Priority Areas: Improving Patient Experience, Lowering Costs, Medical Home, Staff Engagement, Quality & Safety, Community Partnerships