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The Innovation Hubs

CCI’s Innovation Center for the Safety Net program supports the development of safety net hubs to test and implement new solutions and products that can improve care. The hubs serve as a model of how to develop and implement successful innovations.

Learn about testing and piloting new technology solutions in the safety net at

​As safety net organizations continue to serve vulnerable populations within a new healthcare environment, their ability to adapt and find creative solutions will be critical for improving the experience of care, cost of care delivery, and clinical outcomes for their patients. Our goal is to create a decentralized innovation center by supporting innovation hubs across the state to test and evaluate new ideas, in order to accelerate the adoption of innovations into practice across the safety net, with the following objectives:

  • Test and refine innovations to lower costs, improve health and improve patient experience.
  • Develop innovation methodology and tools applicable to the unique needs of the safety net.
  • Disseminate successful innovations broadly across regional and statewide safety net networks.
  • Partner with payer organizations to better understand the factors necessary to effectively collaborate in projects, disseminate successful solutions, and develop models for sustainability.
  • Support entrepreneurs and safety net organizations in creating solid partnerships.
  • Develop models for other safety net organizations that demonstrate the processes and systems needed to build a culture of innovation.

Innovation hubs have each implemented new innovations over a two-year process, and will continue to try new solutions moving forward. They work with an advisory group to identify potential technologies and focus on implementing innovations aligned with their organizational strategies and relevant to the larger safety net. Successful pilots are spread across their organization, and then to other organizations in their regional network. Participants received funding and in-depth training, coaching and mentoring on innovation. Grantees also received evaluation support to help scale and disseminate innovations over a two year period. Now that the initial two years of funding have completed, the hubs are continuing to work to transform the cultures of their organizations and create new connections to a larger ecosystem of companies, mentors and innovations. Hubs collaborate with local payers to determine how to pre-define measures of success needed to sustain new innovations. In 2016 four additional hubs have been added to grow the network.

Read more in the Innovation Hubs March 2016 Evaluation.

Grantee Name Location
Community Health Center Network Alameda County, CA
Health Center Partners of Southern California San Diego County, CA
Northeast Valley Health Corporation San Diego County, CA
West County Health Centers Sonoma County, CA
Petaluma Health Center Sonoma County, CA
San Francisco Department of Public Health San Francisco, CA
San Mateo Medical Center San Mateo County, CA
Shasta Community Health Center Shasta County, CA

Key Resources

Access the Hubs portal at

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2016 Program Timeline

The Hubs receive strategic leadership & project implementation support from CCI in return for their time reviewing potential innovation solution partners, implementing pilot projects, and evaluating and publishing their results for others to learn from.The eight organizations in the Innovation Hubs cohort also have biweekly virtual meetings during which organizations share what they are learning from solutions they are testing, subject matter experts lead skill-building conversations, and health tech vendors pitch solutions to the cohort and learn about what’s relevant to the safety net. Below are some recent discussion topics.

Pre-2016: Request for Proposals

Read the RFP for the original Hubs cohort here.

May 6, 2016 - Patient Engagement

Solution demo of Memotext.

May 20, 2016 - Safety Net Innovation Network Debrief

Reflection on the May 2016 SNIN/ILN event.

June 3, 2016 - Social Determinants of Health

Solution demo of BosWell.

June 17, 2016 - Vendor Negotiation Strategies

Ray presents on the “need and nice to haves” when negotiating with a vendor.

July 1, 2016 - Hubs Flash Updates

Teams share about the progress they’re making against one of the Hubs strategic priorities: Access to Care, Patient Engagement, Care Coordination, or Social Determinants of Health.

July 15, 2016 - Different Ways to Test Solutions

Kat presents on the rapid experimentation approach.

July 29, 2016 - Customer Relationship Management

Solution demo of