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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of organizations does CCI fund?

    CCI’s releases specific funding criteria for each competitive RFP. The broad range of non-profit safety net health care organizations funded by CCI is:

    1. Clinic corporations who provide comprehensive, primary care services, including family planning clinics, school based clinics, and American Indian Health Centers.
    2. Clinic Consortia that have at least 80% of their membership consisting of community clinics.
    3. Non-profit local health plans
    4. County organized health systems
    5. Public hospital systems

  • Does CCI fund organizations outside of California?

    CCI funds non-profit health care safety net organizations within California.

  • Does CCI accept unsolicited proposals?

    No, CCI’s grants are made through a competitive RFP process that is linked to one of our program areas.

  • How does CCI define indirect costs and what is CCI’s indirect cost rate?

    ​CCI defines “indirect costs” as general and administrative costs of an organization that are not specifically identifiable or directly attributable to the work conducted under a funded project. CCI allows up to 10% of direct costs to be charged to a project as an indirect cost.

  • Can we reallocate funds after a budget is approved?

    ​Yes. However, if any one line item varies by more than 10% please request a budget modification (updated budget and brief explanation to Please provide a revised time table for any outstanding deliverables.).

  • What do I do if my project won’t be completed by the end of the grant period?

    ​If you require additional time to complete a funded project, please send a “no-cost extension” request to Please provide a revised time table for any outstanding deliverables.

  • How should I let CCI know about staff/project changes?

    Please update CCI staff via email about all staff/project changes.

  • Where can I find reporting guidelines?

    ​Please reference your grant letter for reporting guidelines. Report templates will be available online one month prior to their due date.