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Spreading Innovations
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At CCI we are asking the big questions, like “Can we work together to make the very idea of an ‘underserved community’ a relic of the past?” and “How can safety net clinics become models to emulate?” and most importantly, “How can we build lasting health in our patients by vastly improving the health of the communities where they live?” CCI supports programs and initiatives that answer these questions in innovative ways. All have in common the quest for sustainable solutions that can be replicated and tailored to individual community needs.

Current CCI programs include:

Spreading Innovations

CCI is committed to making sure effective ideas take root—and helping safety net organizations put these innovations into practice without having to reinvent the wheel. Our Spreading Innovations program takes proven programs and helps them make the jump from one organization to another.

Innovation Catalyst

The Catalyst program creates a network of trained innovators who can introduce and champion innovation within their own organizations, and help other safety net organizations discover new ways to advance their work.

Data Analytics

Healthcare organizations are flooding with data. As more and more of California’s providers use health IT systems, the safety net has access to a wealth of new data about their patients and their community. We are helping these organizations to build a strong foundation of people, processes and technology to leverage that data to improve care and better serve the underserved.

Innovation Center for the Safety Net

This program supports development of three safety net hubs to test and implement new solutions and products that can improve care. The hubs will demonstrate the processes and systems needed to build a culture of innovation across the safety net.

Safety Net Innovation Network

Because the health care safety net gets stronger with each connection we make, CCI, in partnership with Blue Shield of California Foundation, convenes key leaders and staff to support adoption and spread of innovations to improve care delivery.

Reimagining Care Challenge

This BSCF-funded program challenges primary care safety net clinics and associated partners to lead the way in creating new approaches to care for the most vulnerable populations in California. The program provides funding and technical assistance for ideas that dramatically reinvent the care process in health centers.